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Change 4.0 runs through all of Susanne Nickel’s books.
In her bestseller „Ziele erreichen“ (published December 2018) , she shows how personal change succeeds.

In February 2021, the book „Führen auf Distanz“ was published.

Agility is on everyone’s lips today. The TaschenGuide „So geht Agilität heute“
provides an overview and explains the most important terms, tools, and skills (published August 2020).

Now it’s all about transforming companies in crisis.
Susanne Nickel provides valuable tips and information on how companies can grow both humanly and economically in her book „Die Krise kann uns mal“ (published July 2020).

In „Let’s change mit innovativen Tools“ ” we learn how important co-creation is in change, based on company examples. It is a compilation of agile and creative methods and will be published in its second edition as “Lust auf Change” in fall 2021.

Creative collaboration also needs diversity. That’s why Susanne Nickel is committed to supporting women on their path to success. Read more about this in „Gestatten
Chefin“ (published August 2019).

Group 209

New release. For all those who are no longer in the mood for change madness.

„Susanne Nickel’s book gives you courage and inspires you to set out on a fulfilling professional life.“ Joey Kelly
Crack the Change Code! Shape the future with ease. Let’s face it: change is really dumb, isn’t it? We are all tired of hearing the word change. Employees and managers resign, function, bury their heads in the sand, are demotivated, and don’t want to change. But what good does it do us? Nothing. The question is, how can we make the best of it? In her encouraging guidebook, Susanne Nickel shows with a lot of humor and with the help of catchy stories of people and companies how we can regain our strength and take action. The result: more ease and enthusiasm in your job. For this purpose, she has developed a change code that shows you how to move from a negative to a positive attitude and orientation. So: Crack your change code!

The new edition by Susanne Nickel and Christian Berndt, for all those who want to change:

The desire for Change

11 co-creation stories for a successful transformation. How do you start if you want to change companies, make them faster, more creative? With co-creation, you can manage change processes, start them effectively, and engage those affected and get them excited about change. The question in the second edition was: What works online and what doesn’t? As an answer, we added all our experiences with online tools in training and workshops from the last two years. Now there are 11 stories with instructions on how change can be achieved co-creatively.

Leading at a distance

Leadership is to a large extent communication and relationship work, combined with a focus on goals and results. That’s quite a challenge when you’re dealing directly with your team on a daily basis. But what happens when employees are scattered between New York, Berlin, and Moscow? This Pocket Guide addresses this very question: How can you keep virtual teams happy, aligned with corporate goals and strategy, and motivated to deliver top performance even without direct contact? The team of authors draws on their many years of experience and a wealth of methods. They show how leading teams at a distance succeeds with practical, easy-to-implement methods. Contents:
Leading and managing – it all comes down to this
Trust as an important element
Virtual leadership: meetings, conflicts, feedback, development
Virtual collaboration: onboarding, networking, identification, agile methods, successes
The right technology and tools

This is how agility works

The best agile methods on the job Agility is on everyone’s lips today. This Pocket Guide gives you an overview and explains the most important terms, tools, and skills. Contents: The agile change 4.0 model for a world with low predictability From the model, mindset, attitude, and co-creation An overview of tools and their areas of application: Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play, Canvas, Kanban, Scrum, OKR, and EPIC Meeting

The crisis can bite us.

How companies grow in human and economic terms. In mid-March 2020, Germany is hit by the “Corona crisis” – a virus that paralyzes public life from one day to the next. Numerous companies, from the self-employed to large corporations, find themselves completely unexpectedly in a crisis that threatens their very existence. Responsible leaders and the right crisis management are now called for: Because a crisis wants and needs to be managed – just like any other change. The good message is that every crisis holds the opportunity for renewal and progress. Susanne Nickel and Marcus Disselkamp provide you, as managers, with step-by-step instructions on how to manage a change process economically and humanely, and how to create growth and innovation in the process. Because as individually as every crisis affects companies and employees, they all go through the same phases of the “crisis curve”: Once the phase of denial is overcome, insight follows, and then new beginnings and the prospect of new successes await. Use the low point and lead your company out of the crisis strengthened! How do I motivate my employees in a challenging situation? How do I create commitment, trust, and confidence – also in myself? Where do I stand with my company and what adjustments need to be made? What economic and legal measures are available to me? The authors provide you with concrete assistance, tools, and tips so that you, as a crisis manager, can actively steer your company to new shores and remain profitable and liquid. Based on four fictitious crisis and success stories, you will learn exemplary ways out of the crisis from very different perspectives.

Achieving goals.

From vision to reality. How to set goals, stick to them, and achieve them! Many customer testimonials on Amazon confirm it: The Pocket Guide by Susanne Nickel has already helped many people to set a goal and to achieve it. In the meantime, even in the second edition! Read for yourself: “In her new book Achieving Goals, Susanne Nickel again manages the balancing act between a relaxed and pleasant writing style and clearly structured tangible content, including step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your goals. The format of the book invites you to read in between so that there are no more excuses to finally tackle and implement projects that have been with you for a long time. Conclusion: witty, understandably written, with many practical exercises and tips. Recommended for anyone who wants to get a quick overview and strategy for your goals.” “In a very casual way, the author tells how to come to your own goals and follow them consistently, so that at the end of the day, the goals are achieved. I use it, again and again, to browse through it and discover again a little tool that just helps me in my current situation. The booklet has become a very valuable companion for me.”

Allow me: Boss

Career script for women Everyone is talking about mixed management and mixed leadership. But in many places, they are still pure theory – even though it has long been proven that gender diversity makes companies much more successful than the traditional male monocultures. Therefore, the motto is: Female self-reliance is the trick! Following this motto, this Pocket Guide contains many valuable career strategies, especially for women. From strategic alignment and networking to cheerful failure and leading the boss to important competencies for Leadership 4.0 and successful self-assertion and working on the inner child, this Pocket Guide is a career playbook for everyone who still has a lot to do in their job and career. Contents: Business strategy: defining vision and strategy Finding allies, building networks, finding mentors Well-strengthened and prepared for the business stage Curtain up: important skills for making a strong entrance Learning from the best: Interviews with strong women


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