What customers and listeners say
about Susanne Nickel

“I experienced Susanne in the Porsche Arena in front of 3000 spectators. She not only used her incredible presence as a speaker, but also her art as a trained dancer and inspired the hall like a rock star. She vividly illustrated how leaders can deal with something as natural but also feared as resistance in change. It was rousing. The spirit of optimism among the attendees was palpable.”

Edmund Komar | Managing Director people.innovation.partners.

“Susanne Nickel’s presentation was a great mix of personal anecdotes explaining her success story and super practical tips , to achieve one’s own goals. Inspiring and colorful, each participant was able to take away a lot to set and fulfill their personal goals.“

Sarah Mamer | Product Manager Haufe Akademie

“Thank you very much for your excellent keynote at the Office Day 2020 at Merck. You have carried away your audience – 240 assistants – with your clarity, your openness, your presence, and your temperament. In the workshop afterwards, you took the participants with you with a great deal of empathy and sensitivity, moved them, and inspired them for change and new ideas. We are looking forward to many new ideas!

Heidi Mathias | hm.creative consulting

“Susanne Nickel’s presentation was a motivating and inspiring plea for more joy in change. Her professional and charming style of presentation with numerous examples from real life was very well received by our participants and was a real highlight of the workshop. An authentic, entertaining, and clear online keynote that left us with a lasting impression. Many thanks for that!”

Bernd Döpke | Head of BMW Munich Branch

I was in anticipation of the Livestream lecture evening with Susanne Nickel and had an expectation – they say this is always crazy high (true!) – but she has managed to far exceed it! If I hear one more time that she is a newcomer, then I can only say that you first have to give her a run for her money. Her years of experience in front of the camera, her choreography from professional dancing, her analytical acumen, her figurative language, her energy, and strong content make her a speaker whose career ladder in the industry of speakers is on the right wall!

Nadin Buschhaus | Management Sprecherhaus®

„PAYONE invited Susanne Nickel to give a keynote on change as an organization but also as an employee of an organization. PAYONE has completed the third merger within 4 years in the very dynamic and consolidating payment market. Susanne’s speech has set strong impulses in a very refreshing way and has inspired both employees and executives very much. With simple and direct language, well-chosen examples, and a lot of enthusiasm she manages to create closeness and relevance for the audience while still including the overall context and the big picture of a company. A very valuable session even for hardcore Masters of Change! We look forward to more such moments.“

Niklas Santschi | CEO Payone

“Susanne’s keynote speech highlighted key aspects of organisational change and what we should consider in our endeavours. Very insightful.”

Donna Young | Vice President, Global
Regulatory Affairs at Roche Diagnostics

“Mega lecture with absolute benefit.”

Participant | WIFI Salzburg

“The feedback from Susanne Nickel’s participants when coaching our executives was consistently positive.“

Herbert Bossinger, Management of Baden-Württemberg international

Dear Susanne Nickel, your presentation was inspiring and innovative and will inspire a rethink in everyday work. Even with small things you can change your mindset. Through your motivating manner, you manage to captivate your audience and you arouse the interest to simply learn more. Thank you for being an integral part of our first MINI Speakernight. Our customers and prospects were thrilled!

Michaela Portner | Head of MINI Munich

“Thanks to Susanne Nickel, I was able to develop personally and work more specifically on certain topics. Susanne Nickel manages to get the best out of her clients.”

Bettina Reindl | Brand Manager BUNTE.de

“The best speaker I have ever heard”

Participant | WIFI Salzburg

“…out of 20 Situps every morning…which is the most important? The 21! In an incomparably lively manner, Susanne Nickel reveals how change management can succeed on a small and large scale, names the obstacles and inhibition thresholds, and how to counter them. I have rarely experienced a lecture in which you can take away so many real suggestions for business and private life in 30 minutes!

Dunja Koelwel | Ebner Media Group GmbH & Co. KG

“Susanne Nickel was my highlight of the day at CeBIT. I found her presentation very refreshing and, above all, very inspiring. She remains in my memory as an inspiration and as the embodiment of an energetic leader.”

Miriam Harms-Diallo | Marketing Manager Giti Tire Deutschland

“In the course of the career counseling, Susanne Nickel convinced me to think in terms of results. Your emphasis and persuasiveness with the STAR method were particularly helpful. I felt good afterwards and also realized that I have already achieved a lot in my life. I was also able to improve my communication thanks to her very good feedback. I can absolutely recommend Susanne Nickel.”

Managing Director Finances in Social Services

“I was simply fascinated by your presentation, dear Susanne, at my MPE Media Connect event. The way you present is excellent! No wonder that you received great applause. I am very happy that we have met and are in contact. Even in everyday life I often think of the lecture and the very good suggestions that were given to the participants and me. Conclusion: I ordered the book Achieving Goals right away. 😉”

Monika Freifrau von Pölnitz von und zu Egloffstein | Owner / MPE – MEDIA PROJECTS EVENTS

“As a trainer and consultant, I am aware that you always take away one or two goodies from training or lecture. With Susanne Nickel, it was just that it was a slide that can change entire “career worlds“. As a long-time manager in the event catering industry, I was really looking forward to the presentation “Dance to success” at the ‘Job and career’ in Hannover.

Because dancing to success, I think, is also a good strategy! But then Susanne presented the slide,
„Is your career ladder up against the right wall?”

Wow. And the questions behind it. The kicker. This changes all the dots when you’re “on your way up” – whether dancing barefoot or you’re climbing a mountain in hiking boots. The question is, where does your ladder stand? Thank you for this building block.”

 Björn Leyendecker | Project Management / JOBSaround.tv

“I personally took a lot away from Susanne Nickel’s presentation. Namely, that I am the initiator and that I only achieve my goals if I take the first step and persevere. Thank you very much for the great lecture!”

Kerstin Pingel-Scheydt | Logis Manager Hotel Neptun

“Dear Susanne, thank you very much for your great and inspiring lecture ‘Dance to Success’ at the Webgrrls Bayern! In addition to the determination for their projects, I take especially your encouraging statements ‘Failure belongs to’ and ‘complaining is allowed’ to heart. I was impressed by the study on the ‘Night Prayer for Through Starters’ with the result that goal visualization only works with gratitude for the small and big things in the now.”

Mandy Ahnendorf Regional Manager / Webgrrls Bavaria

“I very much enjoyed the training with the topics “Negotiation, Crisis Communication, Employee Discussions and Conflict Management” with Susanne Nickel. Susanne Nickel showed us as a team and me very good practical assistance. On a scale of 1 – 10: Clear 10 and therefore one hundred percent recommendation!”

Arne Klöfkorn Member of the Board / Chief Operating Officer at Bohle AG

“Susanne Nickel’s lecture inspired me to practice personally oriented figures while “dancing” through (work) life, which still let me feel fun and joy in the face of a high level of external determination! Thank you for the motivating lecture.”

Till Kolbe | Head of Capacity&Sourcing at H&D International Group

“I attended Susanne Nickel’s presentation and I must say that I was incredibly enthusiastic. I have never experienced anyone so sympathetic and motivating. My very, very greatest respect!’

Julia Zeigl | Assistant to the Management Bayernwerk AG

“I came with resistance and left with motivation and joy. Thank you, Susanne Nickel.”

Ulrich Sandner | TSC Head TÜV SÜD Autoservice GmbH

“Susanne Nickel succeeded very well in conveying to the managers that employee appraisals are useful and can have a high benefit for the organization. Thank you very much for the excellent presentation.”

Jürgen Faust | Managing Director Toshiba Medical Systems GmbH

“My expectations were exceeded. Thank you, Susanne Nickel, for the presentation and moderation during our pit stop.”

Kurt Seitz | Regional Manager TÜV SÜD Autoservice GmbH

“Susanne Nickel was able to adapt very well to the group and tailor her coaching program to the needs of our executives. The feedback from the participants was consistently positive. Susanne Nickel stands out due to her many years of practical experience with leaders, technical expertise, and proven industry and company knowledge.”

Herbert Bossinger | Member of the Board of Management Baden-Württemberg international

“I have found Susanne Nickel to be a very likable, highly motivating, and inspiring trainer who can convey complex issues simply and understandably.”

Thomas Wittfeld | Lead of Grocery & Discount MVG Disney Consumer Products & Retail The Walt Disney Company GmbH

“Susanne Nickel’s presentation was inspiring and enriching. And all that in 90 minutes. Outstanding. Thank you very much.”

Petra Strobl | Director Head of PR and Events at The Walt Disney Company (Germany) GmbH

Time for Change 4.0 - are you ready?
Yours, Susanne Nickel


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